About Us

John J. DiCostanzo Jr.


John has been a consultant for nine years and has implemented Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Timberline) for many companies.  John has the knowledge and skills to assist customers with the most challenging situations.  His hands-on team approach to collaboration and implementation results in solutions that address current needs while considering future needs and usage. John is a graduate of Fairfield Prep and holds a BS in Finance and an AAS in Computer Network Operations. He enjoys disc golf and craft beer.

Howard D. Wood


My name is Howard Wood, I am a founding Partner at Nexus Consulting and am responsible for keeping our customers engaged in their ERP investment. On a day to day basis, I collaborate with customers regarding their business’s plans and goals, their immediate needs and provide solutions to those needs.

If you are reading this you are likely involved in one of the most complicated business’s in the world, Construction. Between; OSHA, the FED, the States and all of their associated departments and bureaus, bidding, retainage, material cost fluctuations, hiring, firing, unions, insurances, bonding, cash flow, lawsuits, payroll and the myriad of other liabilities to juggle there is the customer.

I love what we do, we help our customers use their information to reduce these liabilities, predict and avoid overexposure and work together to accomplish their goals. I have been in the construction industry since the age of 8 when my job was backfilling foundations with a wheelbarrow and digging post holes for my family’s construction company in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Since then I have worked with both small and large companies which landed me in a position to offer what I have always seen as a nail in the coffin of some great ideas, owners guessing or being presented with information that likely does not fit their business and may not be in their best interest. I love planning and setting up to use real data, useful information from your business to plan and make decisions not a sales sheet or ROI chart from some snake oil salesman.

I enjoy spending time with my 2 brothers, my wife and daughter camping, working on our home and blacksmithing to keep me out of trouble. I graduated from The University of Maine in 1998 and during my summers was a white-water canoe guide for The Scouting program and I am an Eagle Scout and Den Leader.

Most likely thing: You can usually find me teaching someone a trade or craft or at a friends place helping them with some construction mess they’ve gotten into.

Most unlikely thing: I do not know if this shows my strengths or weaknesses, sitting somewhere on an obscure shelf in New Hampshire is a Dartmouth Masters thesis someone wrote about my impact on their life.