Automate every aspect of the AP process, including data entry, approvals, and reporting.

Eliminate manual-processing risks and end the relentless paper-chase

Easy to use and quick to implement, TimberScan was developed for seamless integration with Sage 300 CRE. Data flows directly from Sage 300 CRE to TimberScan with similar entry protocols; data entry has the same lookups, warnings, error messages, and distribution grids to give you a succinct yet paperless experience.

TimberScan can automatically route invoices to the appropriate approver based on your business rules. Also boasting an exceptional reporting engine, TimberScan will significantly improve your company’s efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

TimberScan Product Videos for links:

A/P Routing & Approval

Video Introduction:  http://youtu.be/uwk2TMe6cpo

Video for Project Managers & Other Approvers: http://youtu.be/dSKmDmZ4wDY

AIM (Advanced Image Management) for All Other Documents

Video Overview: http://www.screencast.com/t/TI9iklyY

Capture (OCR – Optical Character Recognition) for automatic text prefill

Video Overview: http://www.screencast.com/t/hMRQfzA0T1

TimberScan FAQ’s:

1] Do I need to purchase a scanning device specifically for Timberscan?
Answer: No. Most scanners will work with TimberScan. Many clients use their network (multi-function) device. The primary requirement is that the scanning device must be TWAIN compliant.


[2] When entering an invoice, can I circumvent the routing rules on a particular invoice in order to route it to someone who is not part of the approval process?
Answer: Yes, there is the ability to “Route” an invoice “on the fly” to someone who would not normally receive the invoice based on how it was coded.


[3] Can we put notes on an invoice?
Answer: Yes, there are two ways to add notes. One way is to select the “Comment” tab at the top of the invoice entry or approval screen and enter text. Once saved, the comments will appear any time someone opens the invoice. The second option is to use the “Annotation tools” on the right hand side of the invoice entry or approval screen to place a sticky note on the document itself.


[4] Can I generate a report that includes all of the job/cost code information associated with an invoice and combine it with the images to provide as backup to the owner?
Answer: Yes. TimberScan has a “Job” option that generates a detailed report for each invoice associated with the job/cost code. When printed, there is an option to include the images, either bundled together or separately.


[5] Can I attach checks to invoices in Timberscan?
Answer: Yes, TimberScan has an “Attach check” function that works in 2 ways. For automated check printing programs such as Create-a-check, we can read the MICR information from the check and auto-attach to the invoice. For checks printed on check stock, we acquire the checks, similar to acquiring an invoice. Once acquired into Timberscan the attach check function will attach the check to each invoice it is paying.


[6] Can invoices and supporting documents be viewed in Sage 300 CRE?
Answer: Yes. TimberScan is directly integrated with Sage 300 CRE and provides this ability for both the A/P Routing System as well as for AIM (all other documents)

TimberScan A/P Routing – in AP inquiry, the attachment function (paperclip) will allow you to view invoices, supporting documents, and attached checks when all of the processing was done in Timberscan.

AIM – provides a feature that allows you to attach AIM documents to various records in Sage 300 CRE. For example, if I want to store Drawings in AIM but attach them to the job file in Sage 300 CRE, I canaccess the job in Sage 300 CRE and select the attachment feature to see the Drawings. This provides a great deal of flexibility for searching and viewing AIM documents.


[7] How is TimberScan priced?
Answer: TimberScan is based on “named” users. Anyone who accesses the system is assigned a user ID and password. This facilitates the audit trail as well as instant access to all users, particularly important for remote users. Therefore, all AP processers and approvers are assigned a license.


[8] Can I share TimberScan licenses?
Answer: TimberScan’s A/P Routing & Approval is based on your business rules/workflow. Your business rules will be set up to identify who the system will route invoices to and each user will be set up with login permissions. Setting up each user’s login permissions allows your administrator to determine what each user can view and what changes, if any they can make to an invoice. Your workflow and user permissions are entirely based on the named user’s setup. Sharing licenses would not allow for the workflow or permissions to be set up. (For management personnel who are simply viewing information and not entering or approving, there is a generic license that can be shared)


[9] How is AIM priced?
Answer: AIM is priced based on “Concurrent Users”. i.e. the maximum number of people accessing AIM at any one time make up the total concurrent users. People do not have to be assigned their own separate licenses in this case.


[10] Do TimberScan users have to be Timberline users?
Answer: No. TimberScan and Timberline are directly integrated however the licensing is separate. TimberScan reads the Timberline database, therefore TimberScan reports can include Timberline data allowing approvers to have up to date information on their jobs or their properties without needing to log into Timberline


[11] Is the Capture (OCR) feature an add-on module or part of the base?
Answer: it is an add-on module. It offers significant value in speeding the invoice entry process.