Who We Are


Since 2006, Nexus has specialized in delivering the design, acceleration and execution of our clients’ strategic essentials that instill a culture of continuous improvement and achieve the required financial objectives. Because each client is unique, Nexus works diligently to understand the people, processes, measurements and organizational values in place. Applying more than a half-century of Construction & I.T. experience with precise and thorough in-depth analysis and comprehensive implementation, we create custom-tailored transformations – with measurable and sustainable results.


The Nexus Team is comprised with the technical, software, process, accounting and financial expertise you need. No matter what market size your company is in, our approach to providing services fills your gaps at every level from the boardroom to the back office.

In addition to our accounting services, we provide valuable technology, recruiting and consulting support. Our Technology specialists will analyze your needs and develop the correct software & accounting platforms for your business – providing you the refreshing ability to control and understand data while saving time by reducing your daily tasks. If you have a special project and are looking for a one-time service, our team will develop creative and flexible solutions for any accounting or process problems.

As a leading technical & accounting group, we have a valuable network of resources to help meet all your business needs while optimizing your business.


We provide best in class technical & business solutions services that are tailored to your organization’s needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our set-up is flexible to meet your needs. You can combine offerings from any or all of our divisions – accounting consulting, technology, and business optimization – at varying services levels to craft the type of solution you want.