Crystal Reports

Our custom report designs have the fastest processing time in the industry.

The Importance of Good Reporting:

Too many companies fail to realize that all data is not created equal and their unique needs require specific data more importantly, custom analytics. Rigidly designed, standardized, one-size-fits-all solutions no longer make the cut, but seem to be cobbled together with multiple reports and manually calculated each time a business needs their data in a specific format for decision making and we can write the reports to obtain useful data in a meaningful, easy to understand layouts.

The different teams or departments in your company need to see different data in different layouts at different time periods, estimating and pre-bid reporting needs varies from accounting and project management needs.  Adaptable reporting provides the data each team needs, ensuring only what is useful is seen and removes the risk of accidentally omitting a portion of important data.

Simplify the Details:

We can create drill-down reporting that will allow you to see the higher levels of information and drill-down to the details to make correlations between the details leaving no stone unturned.

A well-designed report gives you access to relevant data and forecasting ability allowing your business to be flexible, taking advantage of positive trends and reducing liability and risk or maximize revenue and minimize lost income potential.